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Swish and Windows NT

From: Jacques Delsemme <jacques(at)>
Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 11:49:15 GMT
For better or for worse, we are replacing an aging DEC OSF/1 with 
Windows NT and IIS.  We had been running Swish-e, and liked the way it 
searched, so we would still like to use it.  I have tried using the 
swish from

since it has the only compiled swish binary that I have found.  It 
seems able to produce an index.swish file from a set of directories, 
but is unable to search it once it is created.  It spews back the 
headers, then hangs (forever).

Any hints or tips to make it work?  Is this binary known to have the 
end-of-line problems that has been mentionned in this list before?  Is 
there another precompiled version available?  I am aware of at, but 
this version is not precompiled (and I don't have access to a Windows C 

- Jacques Delsemme (
  Workstation Support - CATS
  University of California
  Santa Cruz, CA 95064
  (408) 459-2642
Received on Sat Jun 13 12:58:29 1998