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indexing individual subdirectories

From: Lora Amsberry Augier <libaugie(at)not-real.CML.INDSTATE.EDU>
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 19:13:45 GMT
I am having a problem with SWISH-E not searching a subdirectory 
correctly. It appears to be searching only the information in the 
first few lines of each file and is even ignoring some files 
entirely.  Another problem is that SWISH-E seems to be retrieving 
only file names. It doesn't create a link to the actual search term 
that are searching for within a file.

 Here's what we did:
1. We created a separate index for one of the subdirectories 
on our server knowing that the users who will 
be searching this site will only be interested in the information 
from this one subdirectory.

2. We created a separate index file for this subdirectory.
The index file for our site is named index.swish-e.
The index file for our individual directory is indexa.swish-e.

3. The indexa.swish-e and the swish-e.conf files are both in the 
subdirectory which has been  indexed separately.

4. We have a file in the cgi.bin to connect the search 
engine to the correct directory. 

5. When I look at the contents of the indexa.swish-e file, it appears 
that all the files in the subdirectory have been indexed.

Everything seems to be in order except we are not getting the 
desired results. I hope this information is sufficient for someone to 
make a guess at what I am doing wrong.

Lora AmsberryAugier
Library Information Services Librarian
Indiana State Univeristy
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Received on Tue Jun 2 15:13:45 1998