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Re: [SWISH-E:284] Re: Swish comments

From: Brendan Jones <brendan(at)>
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 13:13:57 GMT
Peter Lucas wrote:

> > My interface won't chop out content between <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT>, but then
> > again, no site I maintain has any javascript or applets.
> 	And let everybody else eat cake, I suppose.

My scripts were not written for public distribution, so they only needed
to serve a closed function set which did not include javascript.  I didn't
wish to pass on to my clients development time costs for non-essential

Regarding ignoring stopwords, does swish++ tell you if it has ignored
a search term, and if so, which ones?  I think that would be pretty
important when giving the results of an AND search.

Otherwise when searching for "fee fie foe foo", documents containing "fee fie
foo" but not the stopword "foe" will be returned - and people will think the
search engine is faulty.  If swish++ says "#Ignored: foe" then there will
be no misunderstanding.

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