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a search engine solution for ISO-Latin-2 ? [ test again sorry ]

From: ____Textpert Alert____ <ianf(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 19:52:03 GMT
  Is there such an animal? (freeware + html-aware)

  Present Swish-E does not work with arbitrary 8-bit data
  (or specific alphabets). Not right out of the box anyway.
  So, does anyone know, are there any other solutions for
  indexing and searching 8-bit rich sites? 

  The --presumably commercial-- SFgate search engine at the
  Polish newspaper of record "Rzeczpospolita" can serve here
  as an example, as it allows searching of the indices using
  several encodings of the Polish alphabet (a legacy of the
  lack of standards AND Microsoft market dominance), as well
  as using a symbolic, meta-characterized representation of
  diacriticals (ie. aogonek = /a; cacute = /c; etc).

  The search engine itself is accessible via

  and the front end resides at

Received on Fri Apr 24 13:58:01 1998