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need good perl script for Web searching of SWISH-E

From: William Malin <blvdmaster(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 20:38:05 GMT
I've been a user of SWISH for a few years and am quite happy with the
enhancements made to it in the form of SWISH-E (especially the ability to
search META tags).

I know that this is somewhat of a lame request, but I run a commercial
Website and need to implement a new search feature in the next few days.
I've chosen SWISH-E -- but the program provided by SunSITE
is not a good basis for a robust search routine (actually I can't get it to
talk to my SWISH executable at all and I am not new at this game) --- and I
really don't have the time to build on it.

Could someone please point me in the direction of a SWISH-E search script
that will **not** require an abundance of deciphering or re-working?

Thanks for reading my post.

All the best from,

Bill Malin
Ventura Blvd on the Web

	"It's Virtual Ventura Blvd."  -the L.A. Times 6-23-96
Received on Mon Mar 30 12:49:43 1998