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Re: [SWISH-E:215] Max Number of files indexed

From: Paul J. Lucas <pjl(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 17:36:42 GMT
On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Milt Webb, IQ Software wrote:

> I have installed SWISH-E v1.1 and everything works fine except...
> It will only index 1113 files in a directory that contains over 3000
> files. Have been through the config/source looking for the cause of this
> limit and am scratching my head.
> Clues, solutions would be appreciated.

	Use SWISH++.  It has no such limitations.

	- Paul J. Lucas
	  NASA Ames Research Center		Caelum Research Corporation
	  Moffett Field, California		San Jose, California
	  <pjl AT ptolemy DOT arc DOT nasa DOT gov>
Received on Fri Mar 27 09:45:23 1998