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Re: More?

From: Hadean Dragon <hadean(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 18:46:57 GMT
Whoo, sorry for causing such a broohaha guys...  Is there such a thing as a
"mixed" indexer?  (ie, both breath and depth?)  Something that, say,
searches the first two (top and second) links?  For what I'm thinking of,
that'd actually be pretty useful... If not, I'd probably prefer the
breath-first style, since, in my history of web searching, the first page
usually has the information I'm going to be searching for (meta tags, or
whatnots), and the rest don't, and if they do, they get added into the index
and it really pisses me off when there's 20 pages in a row on AltaVista from
"Pictures of my Family and Dogs"... I hope I'm making sense... Lack of sleep
makes one ramble sometimes...   Anyway, you guys, although you don't all
agree, have helped me a lot . . .  Now, one last question, if I were to use
Swish++, for example modified for search engine purposes, what would be an
ideal system?  Like I said before, I was assuming a Sun SPARC dual-150, but
that's not written in stone... Any suggestions on what system runs Swish the
best? ;)
Received on Thu Mar 5 10:56:19 1998