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Fw: [SWISH-E:172] Re: More?

From: Hadean Dragon <hadean(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 03:24:54 GMT
To Paul:

>>        I announced it on this very mailing list this past Sunday.  Pay
>>        attention.

Uhm, I wasn't ON this list this past Sunday, so excuse my spirit for not
being able to play God and seeing it...

To Roy:

>My guess is that a comment like this feels a whole lot better to the
>person saying it than the person to whom it is directed. You will find a
>link to SWISH++ on the main SWISH-E page at:

Thanks :>  Glad to know some people are nice... ;)
Received on Wed Mar 4 19:33:25 1998