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memory leak in merge

From: Reino Va'inaste <reino(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 19:21:14 GMT

it seems that, if you (i.e. me)  merge big files (37 + 5 Mb)
then you get "out of memory" errors

I traced malloc/free operations and found a lot of 12 byte
allocations left over

and it seems, that some hashlist init programs (initmarkentry() and
initmarkentryMerge() ) run through hashlist and free only first level nodes
leaving other nodes in list allocated :(

(freeindexentry() is good example how to free all nodes)

after patching 37 + 5 Mb  merge run through successfully

greetings everyone, Reino
Reino Všinaste ( ) ph (372) 7 390 379 
Postimees Gildi 1 Tartu Estonia
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