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Re: [SWISH-E:151] Help editing header info in

From: Mark Hazen <mhazen(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 09:38:57 GMT
-----Original Message-----
From: John Kelly <>

>I have swish-e installed on a virtual server at iServer and am having
>trouble customizing the header output via the file. I just get
>the following error message in my browser.

(much stuff deleted)

Your problem is a buggy program which can't run, either straight from the
command line or via CGI. There are numerous reasons the latter could be true
(permissions, incorrect pointer to Perl, et alia); the former is
tautalogical. If you can get a positive response from "perl -c
<yourprognname>" you can look through the myriad of reasons the program is
unrunnable by the server. Check your web server docs for this.

In preview to an expectation that the following might be causing you grief:


As of Perl 5, @ symbols even in "here-documents" (like this) MUST be
proceeded with a backslash. No ifs, ands or buts.


>    print <<ENDHEAD;

You should put a space between the word ENDHEAD and the end of statement
semicolon. That's a gotcha I've found over time.

I suggest including "use diagnostics" at the start of your script (after the
line calling Perl, or course) to give you more information on what exactly
is wrong with your script (it provides more verbose output messages). Also,
for any CGI program I heartily endorse "use strict" and including the -Tw
flags in your first line which calls Perl (unless you're using mod_perl, in
which case see the mod_perl docs for info on turning  on taint checking);
these are first for security reasons, and the "use strict" forces you to
write tight code (which ends up running cleaner, and safer usually). The
O'Reilly "programming perl" (Camel) book would be your best reference on
these modules.

Hope this helps,

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