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Re: [SWISH-E:147] swish-e 1.1: coredump while indexing a html-file

From: Kaj Hejer <kaj.hejer(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 21 1998 - 08:47:47 GMT
At 23:21 +0000 20-02-98, WWW server manager wrote:
>I am not sure quite what it is doing to cause the core dump, but it looks as
>if you do not need META START/META END (and the core dump does not happen if
>those lines are deleted). You have "real" <META> tags, so you do not need
>the special comments, which appear to tell swish-e that the part of the
>document between those comments comprises words to be treated as values of
>the meta name specified on the START line.

Thanks for your answer!

It worked just fine when I removed the "<!-- metainfo start -->" and "<!--
metainfo end -->" lines!

-Kaj :)
Received on Sat Feb 21 00:59:11 1998