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core dump on too low IgnoreLimit values

From: Jerry Stratton <jerry(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 04:23:26 GMT
Two things about IgnoreLimit:

1. It appears that if I set it too low, I get a core dump, "segmentation
fault". It always occurs on the same file, so it is either very regular,
or some sort of interaction between files and IgnoreLimit.

This only (so far) has occured on creating large indexes: 4
to 10 megabytes and appears to happen towards the last few files.

If this is a known problem are the specifics of avoiding it known?

2. It may also be that I'm not understanding the significance of the two
numbers in IgnoreLimit. It appears to me that they are two ways of
representing the same number. Only the higher one takes effect. Is that

(The search pages I'm working on are very much a work-in-progress at

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