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who stole

From: Martin Raknerud <marthy(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 09 1998 - 10:06:29 GMT

I may be (once again) exposing myself as a lamer for not managing to think
this out for myself, but I havent, and therefor Ill bother you instead..

I just downloaded autoswish from the sunsite.berklely.... archive.
According to the documentation this is supposed to contain the files and swish_cgi_sub under the directory SwishTest, which is
needed to completet the installation.

But when unpacking the package, the only files in the SwishTest directory
are about 37 html-files containing BITAP MS Records on some language I
cant understand.

How come?

Who stole the and the swish_cgi_sub I needed? What ransom
do I have to pay the kidnappers to get it back?


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Received on Fri Jan 9 02:19:54 1998