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Transparent GIF logos and ISO 8859-1

From: Marc Baudoin <Marc.Baudoin(at)>
Date: Sun Nov 23 1997 - 15:31:07 GMT

I noticed the background of the various SWISH-E logos is *not*
transparent.  It's OK for me because the background of my pages
is also white, as the logos' but it may cause problems for other
people, especially because the shading of the letters doesn't
look pretty on a dark background.  One quick fix to this would be
to include the logos into some shape (an oval or something) whose
background would be white, while the background of the exterior
of the spahe would be transparent.  So the SWISH-E logos may be
used over any background color.

Also, I didn't think I saw an answer to my question about
indexing and searching ISO 8859-1 characters (real ISO 8859-1
characters such as , not entities such as &eacute;) which I
posted some weeks ago.  Am I the only non English speaking person
(I'm French and the Web sites I plan to use SWISH-E with are
written in French so that's a very important issue to me) in this

Marc Baudoin   -=-   <>
Security On-Line Software (Solsoft) SA
Received on Sun Nov 23 08:12:51 1997