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Re: [SWISH-E:66] a few quick questions

From: Craig A Summerhill <craig(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 14 1997 - 00:02:53 GMT
> >    1) I note that in the output of the swish-e stuff, the relevance 
> >       scoring seems to have been dropped form the output.  E.g.
> > 
> >          Score: 1000, Size: 1 kbytes, Type: HTML file
> > 
> >       Was this a function of the WWWAIS gateway, or part of the 
> >       original swish which you all have decided to drop?  I don't 
> >       know that I really care -- in most cases the ranking was totally
> >       useless anyway.  The filesize indicator was kinda nice though.
> In swish-e, as in the swish version from which it was derived, the output 
> of a search looks like this:
> .....
> 1000 /home/ghill/swish/dir5/records/53.html "53.html" 182
> ^^^^                                        ^^^^^^^   ^^^
> relevance                                    title    size

Now there's an idea Try running it in line mode.  How novel.  B^) So,
the reason I'm not seeing it is a function of the AutoSwish gateway
stuff which I installed.  I'll fiddled around with this later to see if
I can massage the output a little. 

I finally found the manual, on my own, by the way...  Sorry for the 
elementary questions.

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   Coalition for Networked Information
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Received on Thu Nov 13 16:12:12 1997