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Problem with SWISH

From: Kaufman, Steven E <Steven.Kaufman(at)>
Date: Wed Nov 05 1997 - 19:57:51 GMT
I have a problem/question about SWISH.  I know this is the SWISH-E list,
but I thought someone might be able to help.

I am running SWISH 1.1.1 and it does not seem to process more than 1
ReplaceRules replace statement.  If I have 2 statements on 2 lines it
ignores them both.  If they are on the same line it takes just the
first, and if there is only 1 statement it works fine.

1) Ignores both
ReplaceRules replace "/webdir1" ""
ReplaceRules replace "/webdir2" "/xxx" 

2) Processes first only
ReplaceRules replace "/webdir1" "" ReplaceRules replace "/webdir2"

3) Works OK 
ReplaceRules replace "/webdir1" ""
#ReplaceRules replace "/webdir2" "/xxx" 

Has anyone seen this condition before?  Do you have a solution or
recommendation?  I assume that SWISH-E does not have this problem, and I
plan to upgrade to SWISH-E, but I won't get to that for a while, so I am
looking for a workaround.

Thanks in advance,

Steven Kaufman
Unisys, CSG - IT 
Applied Technology Services
Received on Wed Nov 5 12:06:19 1997