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Re: [SWISH-E:51] Re: Is Swish-e available in Linux?

From: Robert Lebowitz <lebowitz(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 14:44:19 GMT

I imagine that most readers of the list like myself don't have a compiler
for NT handy.  I'm not much of a C coder, most of my earlier development
work was in Pascal and other structured languages, then I took a break from
computing and taught biology, now I'm back doing development.  I decided to
leap right into java since I see a great deal of potential for it, and I
find it easier to understand objects now having used Java.

At any rate, I wonder if you could post a compiled copy of swish-e to the
berekely ftp server (ask Roy Tennant) to share with the rest of us.

Actually, I've recently learned about a way to use a database as an index
server. This is probably similar to the way that Index Server works in NT.
The example I've seen is written in Perl, which I use heavily, and built
around the mySQL database engine.  I imagine that it could be modified for
MSSQL, tho I understand that mySQL is going to be ported to NT soon as well.

Some day I have to sit and try to emulate many of the finer features of
SWISH so that we'd have a swish index server for Unix/NT.


Robert J. Lebowitz, Ph.D.
FinalTouch Interactive
Internet Consulting for Educational and Non-profit Organizations
Received on Wed Oct 29 06:52:40 1997