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Re: [SWISH-E:35] Compatible with WWWWAIS?

From: Giulia Hill <ghill(at)not-real.library.berkeley.EDU>
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 15:20:41 GMT

SWISH-E has the same search output format as SWISH, however the format of 
the index is slightly different since it includes the META tags support 
information.  So you would not be able to just drop SWISH-E into place, 
but you will have to re-index the site with SWISH-E before you try a 
search with it (a search with SWISH-E on an index created with SWISH 
will result in looping).  Besides re-indexing and possible 
name changes to the binary, you should not need to do anything else for 
the upgrade.

Let me know how the upgrade goes and if the search problems you had with 
SWISH are resolved with SWISH-E.

Take care,


> What I need to know is: does SWISH-E have the same search output / index
> formats as SWISH?  Can I just drop SWISH-E into place (with a name change to
> the binary or the WWWWAIS code)?
> Thanks for your input,
> Jason Birch
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