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I couldn't serach for Meta tags

From: Zhimin Zhan <zzhan(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 06:38:11 GMT
Hi, I just download swish-e from your site. I can use it search for
strings, but not for metadata.
  For example
   in test.html has  <META NAME="" CONTENT="Zhimin"> 
   in  zzm.conf has  MetaNames
   swish-e -c zzm.conf 
   swish-e -w " = Zhimin" 
  But it couldn't find it. 
   err: no results
  However if  swish-e -w "Zhimin", it could find it.

I have tried a couple of hours, Could you tell me what the reason is?

Zhimin Zhan (                             .
Software Engineer, Resource Discovery Unit              _--_|\
DSTC Pty Ltd, Level 7 Gehrmann Laboratories	       /     DSTC 
The University of Queensland, QLD, AUSTRALIA 4072      \_.--._/
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Received on Sun Sep 7 23:45:46 1997